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About us

ELSA Groningen is a non-political and non-profit law students' association founded in 2013. We form a part of the grand network of ELSA (European Law Students' Association), the largest one of its kind with 50.000 members across 375 law faculties. Furthermore, we serve as the seventh of eight Dutch local groups overseen by ELSA the Netherlands, our national group with over 2.200 members. After becoming observers within ELSA the Netherlands in 2014, we officially gained full membership at the Third National Council Meeting (NCM III) in May 2016. 

ELSA Groningen is operated by an executive board in collaboration with several committees. We strive to support motivated law students as they integrate into our faculty and the city, as well as throughout their professional development into future lawyers. 

"A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity"

Our Vision

We envision to grow an ever closer and ever-fruitful community where law students in Groningen are able to achieve their full potential professionally, personally and socially. We hope to enable and provide opportunities in order to support individual and collective growth for both internal and external stakeholders of ELSA Groningen.

We recognise the honour of being handed the trust and responsibility of our role as the Board of ELSA Groningen. Hence, we intend to be mindful and committed to the goals of ELSA, and align them with our own goals as a local chapter. We are committed to excellence by thoroughly ensuring the quality of our work. We shall see to it that ELSA Groningen displays consistency and sustainability for future boards.

Appreciating the contributions of our predecessors, we shall reflect and evaluate the obstacles that they had to overcome. These evaluations along with our goals, will act as a tool for us to continue striving for better, and pursuing excellence

In our diverse and multicultural community, inclusivity will always be a shared vision of ELSA. We commit to this vision by ensuring varied opportunities that benefit a wide range of people. We hope to see differences in educational levels, backgrounds and cultures, not as boundaries but as ways to connect and grow.

Why become a member?

Members benefit greatly from the various activities, events and academic opportunities Elsa has to offer. Not only do they receive discounts on our products - they are also placed first in line for the flagship events and have exclusive access to our Professional Development programme. 

Professional Development

Our professional development programme is designed to land you internships and work experience so that you can make important career decisions and gain work experience

Academic events

ELSA events range from talks, networking evenings, and drinks with professors, to institutional visits, and moot courts. Keep an eye out on our social media (IG: @elsagroningen) and events pages to stay updated

Social events

ELSA Groningen organises a number of social events all throughout the year either individually or in collaboration with other student associations. Stay up to date with all the up coming events through our social media and events pages

Products & services

Need some extra help with revision before your exams? ELSA has revision notes, lecture summaries and more available for purchase from our online store. General and active members receive a discount on these notes! Members can also receive discounts on products and services provided by our partners. 

Become a member

Join Elsa Groningen and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!

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