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ELSA Groningen is a non-political and non-profit law students' association founded in 2013. We form part of the grand network of ELSA (European Law Students' Association), the largest one of its kind with 50.000 members across 375 law faculties. Furthermore, we serve as the seventh of eight Dutch local groups overseen by ELSA the Netherlands, our national group with over 2.200 members. After becoming observers within ELSA the Netherlands in 2014, we officially gained full membership at the Third National Council Meeting (NCM III) in May 2016. 

ELSA Groningen is operated by an executive board in collaboration with several committees. We strive to support motivated law students as they integrate into our faculty and the city, as well as throughout their professional development into future lawyers. With over 300  members each year, we constantly achieve doing so. Here is how:

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