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About ELSA Groningen


We envision to grow an ever closer and ever fruitful community where law students in Groningen are able to achieve their full potential professionally, personally and socially.


Where we hope to enable and provide opportunities in order to support individual and collective growth for both internal and external stakeholders of ELSA Groningen.



We recognise the honour of being handed the trust and responsibility of our role as the Board of ELSA Groningen. Hence, we intend to be mindful and committed to the goals of ELSA, and align them with our own goals as a local chapter. We are committed to excellence by thoroughly ensuring the quality of our work. We shall see to it that ELSA Groningen displays consistency and sustainability for future boards. 



Appreciating the contributions of our predecessors, we shall reflect and evaluate the obstacles that they had to overcome. These evaluations along with our set out goals, will act as a tool for us to continue striving for better. 



In our diverse and multicultural community, inclusivity will always be a shared vision of ELSA. We commit to this vision by ensuring varied opportunities that benefit a wide range of people. We hope to see differences of educational levels, backgrounds and cultures, not as boundaries but as ways to connect and grow.


The ELSA Groningen
2022-2023 Board


ELSA Groningen is a Netherlands-based local group of the world's largest law student association. Serving more than 300 Dutch and international members, we help law students better integrate into our faculty and professionally develop into future lawyers or integrate into different legal pathways.


Ines-Cristiana Cutaru

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Vice President in Charge of Professional Development


Anastasia Liakhnovich

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Vice President in Charge of Competitions

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Want to report something anonymously?
Get in touch with our Confidential Contact Person (Director of Welfare) - Filip Sǎftoiu

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