Since 2016, ELSA Groningen offers a tutoring program to LLB International and European Law students. The tutoring is organized four times a year, as weekly sessions during each block and as crash courses during the exam periods. Our tutors assist students with their outstanding academic efforts and full coverage of the syllabus. Thanks to its highly beneficial nature for many students, our tutoring program has rapidly grown in popularity and became an ELSA Groningen staple.

IMPORTANT! Signing up for our tutoring sessions requires the submission of a form provided by ELSA Groningen.  We will soon launch our weekly tutoring ttttuto


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sessions for Block 3, for which you can register here. A link for the crash courses will be provided in the upcoming weeks. Please refer to the poster above for more information on the courses and our prices.

Our tutoring program is overseen by our Director of Tutoring, whom you can contact for all further inquires. Alternatively, you can keep an eye out on all updates and announcements via our social media platforms!

Weekly Tutoring Sessions

Weekly tutoring sessions aim for a steady long-term recapitulation of the course materials. Comprised of at least one session of two academic hours, students are offered to be tutored individually or in groups upon registration. Our tutors are awarded the flexibility to schedule and structure their sessions as they wish, and the possibility to do so based on students' requests as well. Therefore, the weekly tutoring sessions principally allow students to further discuss the topics of their choice!

Crash Courses

Crash courses aim for an intensive short-term recapitulation of the course materials. A couple of sessions of two-to-three academic hours take place right before the exam of each course. The sessions are intended to be interactive, thus providing students with an ideal setting to ask our tutors any questions they might have, and vice versa!

Tutor and Director Recruitments

We recruit tutors for our weekly sessions and crash courses before the beginning of each Block. All potential candidates are requested to submit another form, which will soon be accessible for Block 3 via here. However, the potential candidates for the Director position are requested to submit their CVs and motivational letters to typically before the beginning of each academic year (i.e. mid-August).