Benefits of ELSA Membership

There are numerous benefits to be derived from membership at ELSA Groningen. Academically, you will have exclusive access to discounted study notes that have been encrypted just for you. You will also have discounted access to crash courses and the finest tutors that the International and European Law bachelor has to offer. 

From a career perspective, you will have first access to discounted Seminars and Conferences, events with lecturers, lawyers and diplomats, and outings such as visits to courts and legal institutions. Further, and perhaps more importantly, ELSA Members alone will have the opportunity to apply for the Professional Development opportunities - traineeships and internships reserved for ELSA members at law firms and legal institutions across Europe.

In the social sphere, you will get discounts for and receive invitations to networking events, drinks, dinners and parties! 

Students who sign up for two and three year memberships will also profit from a proportionally reduced membership fee.